Robin had Me at Hello

robinI am not much enamored with Hollywood these days. I don’t read any of the magazines or watch any of the shows that expose the minute details of the lives of our celebrities. So why was it that I unsuccessfully fought back tears when I heard of Robin Williams death?

6 Lessons I learned on the Way to Church in Franklin, TN

shutterstock_40305289I love Franklin TN. I love the people. I love the beautiful country homes. I love the history.

Evidently a lot of people love Franklin, because the population has grown exponentially. The city planners realized this so they planned to do construction on all the roads leading to and from Franklin. Someone in those planning meetings then came up with an idea,

Let’s do the all the construction at once! That way we can bring traffic to a complete standstill.”

The Power of a Gallery of One!

IMG_4958My wife, Diane, plays in a women’s golf league at Forrest Crossing in Franklin on Tuesday of every week. It was on one of those Tuesdays that I found myself driving past the golf course after finishing a morning of errands and meetings.

On a whim, I pulled into the parking lot and talked one of the staff into giving me a cart. Dodging errant drivers, I drove backward on the course until I saw Diane’s group approaching. I pulled off the cart path and planted myself on a little hill beside the green.