One Action That can bring Huge Benefits to Your Life

Full length view of a cat stretching while laying on its sideIt wasn’t a big move. I pushed my racquet ball opponent to one side and reached to hit the ball. I fell to the floor screaming in pain. It felt like someone had stabbed a knife into my calf.

“I must have pulled a muscle,” I thought.  After several minutes the pain subsided a little and I decided to get up and gingerly walk it off.  With the first step crumpled to the floor again. I had torn a calf muscle and ended up on crutches. It took almost two months before I could run or play any sports again. The doctor told me that all the pain and suffering could have been avoided if I had done just one thing…

Why Your Mom Told You to Take Small Bites

why your mom told you to take small bitesIf a little is good, a lot has to be better, right? Wrong! Want proof?

An Ambien might put you to sleep for the night. Six Ambien could result in a very long dirt nap!

Lifting weights can build muscle. Lifting too much weight can tear muscle.

A table spoon of castor oil is a laxative. A bottle of castor oil is a national security issue. I know! I drank a bottle as a child.

One final example……