The Power of the D word!

shutterstock_63403618A little boy would not settle down during a church service. He kept kicking the pew, and defiantly threw hymnals to the floor.

The last straw came when he pulled the hair of the woman sitting in front of him. His father grabbed him by the arm and began marching him down the aisle toward the back of the church. The preacher didn’t miss a beat until the dad reached the back of the church.

That’s when the boy turned and yelled, “Y’all pray for me!”

That pretty much ended the service.

We live in a culture that despises the D word. We confuse it with punishment, but it is the bedrock of character and excellence. Discipline builds great athletes and powerful leaders.

Discipline motivates –  Punishment mortifies
Discipline is based on trust – Punishment is based on fear
Discipline is time in – Punishment is time out
Discipline is practice – Punishment is penalty

I despise cruel punishment and abuse as much as anyone, but without discipline a society dies. Listen to what Proverbs has to say about discipline:

  • A fool despises wisdom and discipline
  • Do not despise the Lord’s discipline do not resent his rebuke
  • He who hates correction will die
  • Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid

I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be stupid and I’m certain that I want to live. Don’t be afraid of discipline. Especially when it comes from your creator.

Hebrews 12:11 No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening—it’s painful! But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.

Discipline saved my life.
When has discipline benefited you?

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10 thoughts on “The Power of the D word!

  1. I actually am writing a book – Discipline a Gift to Your Child. I have had comments like, “You’re one of those parents who believe in spanking.” Discipline is not spanking. Disciplined children are actually very successful people. I attribute the downfall of our culture to Sesame Street. 🙂 We removed the respect of our elders, Mr. Smith or Mr. Hooper (only reference in Sesame Street when I was growing up) by calling adults by their first names, Susan, Gordon, etc… Discipline is instilling respect for others in our children. As Christians, we need to show our greatest respect to God and teach it to our children as well.

  2. When I first moved away from home at 18, I struggled with homesickness and my identity, I knew that I didn’t need to figure out who I was nearly as much as I needed to figure out who God was (though I’d been saved since I was 7). I knew I needed to read my Bible to “seek Him” but doing it was difficult. I decided to discipline myself by not allowing myself to eat until I had read it. Some days I only ate dinner. Some people have told me that decision was too harsh, even legalistic, but I’d do it again in a heart beat because it not only drew me close to God (who has never disappointed me by the way), it opened doors of ministry and relationship that wouldn’t have come any other way. I feel that I am still being blessed and rewarded more than 20 years later because of that discipline.

  3. I believe that discipline is also a choice of how a person lives their life. With 2 young granddaughters discipline has become an interesting process, especially when they come back with cute comments as you have illustrated. Because I live a disciplined life of faith at work, there are opportunities or times that you need to discipline there as well. I have never yelled at my staff, just the same as I do not yell at Annie or Caroline, it does not accomplish any thing except to get them more upset.