Out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death

1-TreeI debated whether to share this story, but I have no choice. I have run into so many people who are struggling and wonder if there is any hope.

This is exhibit “A” that there is hope!

In this post is the unbelievable entry I wrote in my journal over ten years ago and the story of how God’s amazing grace brought me out of the valley of the shadow of death.

Reading this entry drove me to my knees thanking God for the full life I am living today. 

Day One! Two Reasons for Hope

sunset1Last week I shared a Rick Warren post entitled “The Blessings of a Life of Integrity.”

The Challenge to live a life of integrity was obvious.  But as I wrote, I knew that for many readers there was an enormous elephant standing in the room.

A question that went unaddressed.

Ken, what if my life hasn’t always been one of integrity? What if I have experienced failure? Has the sun set on my day of opportunity? Are the promised blessings forever lost? The answer is…

Slay Three Dragon Myths – Embrace One Truth – Live Fully Alive

shutterstock_135603683Today I received another message from a person who read my book Fully Alive and finally took the first step toward discovering the joy of living again.

I have been thrilled to hear from people who stepped back from the brink of suicide and reached out for the help they desperately needed. Each of these people recognized that they had to act immediately. Each also had to slay some dragon myths that had kept them from acting sooner.

Here are some old myths that must be outed as the lies they are, and a single truth that can put you on the path to living fully alive.