What is Happening to us?

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  1. We often eat our evening meal in front of the tv, but interact about whatever we are watching. It is a big problem, though, as is the total lack of common courtesy in our culture

  2. It makes me so sad 🙁 breaks my heart when I see people (especially kids) buried in their devices. They have no idea what they are missing. God made such a beautiful world for us to see and experience.
    Not just kids, though. At dinner one night I watched a couple in their 70s sit at their table, each had a movie on their own tablets, watching movies while eating dinner, never even talking to each other 🙁
    My husband and I turn off the tv during dinner (if it was even on to begin with,) When we go out to eat, phones are put away, and we look at each other and actually communicate.

  3. It is not happening to us. I will pray for all those it is happening to!!!!! Including you and your wife.

  4. Don’t worry… apparently this is normal now. We are now in the “social” media age, and here I thought that social meant interacting or speaking to each other face to face.

    Oi vey… I got a headache. What was I thinking… Got to go lie down.

  5. I don’t see a problem with watching TV with someone while eating. There’s a difference. With smartphones and other similar devices, each person is in his or her own little world regardless of how many people are around. When watching TV while eating, everyone is engaged together in the same thing. You can laugh together, point out stuff to others, and talk about it later. To me, it’s totally different.

    I agree, this device thing is becoming a big problem. Before long–if not already there–kids will grow up not having a clue as to how to effectively communicate face-to-face with another human being. (And let’s not even get into the neck and upper back problems popping up from constantly looking down at these devices.) And adults are often no better. We need to stop making these devices “our own little world” and start fully participating in the real world.

  6. Thanks Ken. Sooo worth reading and sharing. So very sad. How do we speak of a relationship with the Holy God, when people don’t know what a relationship is????
    Blessings on the journey. Ardi Hill

  7. Thanks for this, Ken. It is Horrifying. There are those who do research in this area that say that this is actually changing the DNA of people so embedded in this type of life. The scriptures tell us that in the last days the hearts of many will wax (become) cold. I see this happening more and more as people of all ages become addicted to
    electronic relationships rather than cultivating those with flesh and blood and spirit.

    I am personally attempting to have one day a week, a sabbath if you will, where no
    electronics are used….it is Very difficult….which is why I have chosen to do it. The goal is to be guided by the Holy Spirit, not a phone, the television, the latest movie,
    my computer, etc.

  8. I’ll cut you slack on watching TV while you eat as long as you’re truly watching together. (I can’t imagine a TV show in YOUR house without running commentary) We’ve taken to putting phones in the middle of the table in a stack. First person to touch theirs pays.

  9. Ken, This is undeniably a very disturbing trend in our world today. But I do believe parents are at fault here. Obviously there is a serious lack of respect, communication and good manners in what you observed. Not to be tolerated. The better question is “Why have parents stopped being parents?” I can assure you, this kind of behavior would never have been tolerated in our family. Our children wouldn’t have even tried. They were taught better manners. I know yours were too. The sad truth is that what you observed is being modeled after parents who are doing the same behavior. Good post, Ken!

  10. I see people at work go to lunch together and then are “buried “in their electronic devices. Why even go to lunch with someone. I don’t understand. I go to lunch with a bunch of guys who like to talk. Strange world.

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