A fun vacation with six comedians???

Vacay with the comics. NOTE “Vacay” means Vacation to us normal folks!!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually get to know the crazy people who call themselves Comedians and discover why they should be put away? Read more and find out how!

What would it be like to not just see them perform, but to also spend personal time, play games, recreate and “fellaship” with them.

What an opportunity to have your children or grandchildren hear clean comedy and rub elbows with the crazy people who deliver it, hear their testimonies around a campfire, watch comedians being catapulted from a tube being pulled behind a boat at 80miles and hour and hear fun devotionals that may be remembered for a lifetime.

What an opportunity for six comedians to spend quality time with some sane people before we go to jail.

Plus lots of free time to spend with your family swimming, fishing, shopping, eating, fighting, or whatever it is that your family loves to do.

Check out the details here – https://johnbranyan.com/vacay-with-comics-2/
and join us if you can. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call 888-203-0372.

Use the promo code “VacayWithKen” and save 25% on your room or campsite.

Watch for more posts about this event. If it’s a VACAY post I promise you’ll love it. Can’t wait to spend time with you this summer.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh please agree with me….FatherGod in Jesus’s name give some of your glory riches of Lord Jesus’s to all these Wonderful Wonderful Men to have a camp in Australia please please please ( I love You PapaGod ( inputting tears here!!!) ……
    p.s. was upset and angry at the devil and said to FatherGod “what are feeling about this??!!!!”…..
    He said softly and gently “watch Ken for a while.”

  2. Yes I would love more information for my husband and I about attending this and staying in campground s. Like to know the fees and is it financable

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