Signs You’re Getting Old!

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  1. Brilliant, just brilliant. I too would like to meet this wonderful lady.

  2. Some
    signs I’ve noticed about getting old are . . . well, I had thought of one when
    I started to write . . . I’ll have to get back with you on this one? Now what was
    your other question?

    Seriously, I like being retired. I would recommend it to
    anyone. One problem though of being retired and involved in church/community is
    that too many people are in charge of my time. Being retired doesn’t relate to time,
    unless you make it happen. We have recently made some changes in our
    responsibilities (cut them about in half). This has given us the time to do
    some things we planned to do ten years ago . . . like take a cruise to Alaska.

  3. I found a magnet recently that I just had to get because it fits me so well these days. It says, “Funny… I don’t remember being absent minded.” I have to laugh an’ sometimes I cry!

  4. You know your getting old when…. you can fart in your own living room and no one makes a rude comment, but rather laughs with you. When your old, farts become funny and sometimes acceptable again.

  5. Getting older… It means I no longer care what people think about
    the weird noises that my body makes, nor do I care what they think of my opinion,
    I still give it anyway.

  6. This made me laugh then cry then laugh then cry! I had to make a tough decision for my mother who suffers with dementia. Just yesterday she became a resident of a “Special Care Unit” that is locked so she stays safe. Today was emotional because she was so sad and kept asking me to “take her home.” 🙁 Makes me wonder if I’ve made the right decision? That’s my sign of aging…

  7. What a sweetheart of a woman, I am sure that she was on your radar to get her into your comedy team. Would she grace the likes of those in her age bracket? Yes and no, but she will have the attention of us middle agers who are in the next generation, and need to know what to expect.

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