Dallas Morning News

One of the funniest comedians to come down the pike.

Benjamin H Lammers, Regional Director, Century 21

Ken uses his humor as a vehicle that captures his audience and has them laughing one minute, crying the next, and sitting still long enough to benefit from the value of a great message.

Laddie E. Suk, AT&T

I would love to have you back again!

Zig Ziglar

Ken Davis is a truly funny man whose story-telling ability is magnificent. His humor brings lots of laughter to young and old as well as a powerful message of hope and encouragement. When you hear Ken Davis, not only will you feel better, but you will be better and able to do more as a result.

Ann H. Welsch, Pentax Corporation

Outstanding!! The employees of Pentax Corporation were indeed treated to an exciting hour. The quality of your presentation well-exceeded our already high expectations and contributed to maintaining our organization’s standards of excellence. I felt as though I hit a home run by having you as our guest speaker.

Church & Ministry

Will You Help Me Change a Life?

                              Kialee and Grandpa

This is my 17 year old granddaughter, Kialee. She has a once in a lifetime opportunity that will change her life forever and I feel privileged to ask you, my friends, to help make this possible.

Kialee is praying for the funds to join her youth group on a mission trip to South Africa. Diane and I have contributed a significant amount to help her because our own experiences on these trips changed our lives.

We would love to see her faith strengthened by seeing God use you to help answer her prayers.  

Thank you ahead of time for your generous response. This is the first request like this I have made.

Don’t be frightened. I know that you know I have four other grandchildren, but you can relax. These bread-snappers are spaced years apart so further appeals will be far in the future.

Have you had the opportunity for a trip like this?

How did it change your life?

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Paul E. Larsen, President, The Evangelical Covenant Church

You have an exceptional gift which moves to a clear proclamation of the Gospel.

Student, Anderson University

On a scale of 1 to 5, I rate Ken a 10!

Dr. Michael Dean, Pastor, Travis Avenue Baptist Church

Your gifts were used in a magnificent way by our Lord to accomplish the purpose of drawing men, women and young people to Christ.

Tony Campolo

Ken is more than an entertainer, he communicates a gospel message with profound content.