Which video is a particular joke or story on?

Although it would be impossible to catalog every story and joke on every tape, here is a list of many of the stories and jokes that are on Ken’s 3 Comedy videos.

A Twisted Mind – ET Movie, Barf Bags, Diane’s Rule At Church, Hockey, Surfing, Waterskiing, Skiing (sit down turn around), Daughter’s boyfriend at the door, Daughter pulling her tooth, Chasing daughter in underwear, Rat in the salad, Telephone solicitor, Mouse in the bathtub, Spiders, Travel airplanes & airports, Ears pierced while you wait.

I’m Not Okay – Rabbit joke, Air bag, Stuck in elevator, Body Fat, Parents say weird things, Kids fighting on the way to church, Cock Roaches & The Bee, Carp, Carton of Milk in Frig, Someone’s in the garage, Michiganders built in map, Tell your face, Dogs & Cats

Is It Just Me? – Cheese Heads & Cottage Cheese, Fly the flag, Fishing Shows, Snowboarding, Weight lifting, Who has a dog, Motorcycle & Hairdryer, Losing hair, Men & Women, Moving to Nashville, Birth of granddaughter, Candy, Shopping, The jacket

Is that message we heard recently available?

If you were at a comedy concert, Ken most likely did some humor from each of his 3 comedy concert tapes: A Twisted Mind, I’m Not Okay & Is It Just Me?. You may refer to our list above to see which title has the story or joke you are looking for. Please note that sometimes Ken actually does new humor that we haven’t had time to record yet.

If you were at a church service, most of Ken’s messages are available. Please check the titles and descriptions of a particular title.

Are the same stories or jokes on more than one tape?

We make every effort to keep duplication of stories or humor to a minimum. Occasionally, Ken will use an illustration on more than one title but each video is a recording of a unique comedy concert or message.

Can I make copies of Ken’s videos, tapes, CD’s or DVD’s and give them to my friends or family?

The short answer is no. Ken’s videos, tapes, CD’s and DVD’s are copyrighted materials and as such may not be legally reproduced except by the owner for the owner’s own personal use.

Can I show this video in my church or home Bible study?

Yes! And we encourage you to do it, but there are some restrictions. You may not charge an admission fee. Also, we would encourage your church or organization to obtain a CVLI license which allows you to show all of Ken’s videos as well as hundreds of other titles as well. If you are leading a home based Bible study, just go ahead and show it.

Is that story/joke really true?

Yes! Some details may have been “enhanced” and others may have been added for the sake of humor — unless it is totally made up.

My cat is too a Christian! Who can I complain to?

Please complain to your cat.

Are your products guaranteed?

Yes, if your product arrives damaged or defective in any way, please let us know and we will replace it immediately.

When is Ken coming out with a new video?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to schedule the release of a new video precisely. We try to release at least one new title per year. Check our website home page for the most up to date information.

What do you recommend for:

Someone who is grieving?
Is It Just Me?, I’m Not Okay, Ken Davis & Friends, Lighten Up and Laugh!

Someone who needs to know the Lord?
Is It Just Me?, I’m Not Okay, Ken Davis & Friends, Lighten Up and Laugh! Good News, Second Chances

Someone who needs to grow in their faith?
A Wimpy Prophet…, Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry, God Wants Your Body, Super Sheep, Healing the Wounded Heart, Good News, Second Chances

My young children?
A Twisted Mind, Super Sheep,

My teenagers and their friends?
Is It Just Me?, I’m Not Okay, Twisted Mind, Ken Davis & Friends, Lighten Up and Laugh!, Super Sheep, A Wimpy Prophet…