A Tribute to my Sweet Sister Carol Ann – I Miss You!!!

Don’t miss the pictures

On February 5th, I lost my dear sister Carol Klepper from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease. 

Carol was 20 months younger than me. I loved nothing more than making her laugh until she couldn’t breathe. As the older brother, it was my job to pull pranks on Carol and then laugh with her as she reacted. 

I was a skinny older brother, and Carol was my protector in grade school and middle school. More than one bully paid a high price for tormenting me. She stood up for me even though I often tormented her.

I loved Carol with all my heart and already miss her so much. I am comforted by memories of her smiling face, knowing that she was cared for so well by her husband Bill, and was surrounded by a loving family as she passed. I rejoice in the knowledge that she is now with Jesus, the one that loved her most. 

Please pray for Bill and the extended family as we walk this road of loss and grief. I have included a series of pictures so that you might see the sweet spirit we enjoyed for so many years.  Thank you dear Lord for Carol.

Amazing fisherwoman – She smiles even though I caught the BIG one!
I couldn’t figure out why she never trusted me. I will remember her laugh forever!
A ring for every finger and a smile for everyone.
Kari, Kathy, Ken, Carol Candie. We rejoice in the hope of another reunion


  1. Oh! Such a sweet rememberanceof such dear person in your and many others lives!

  2. Saddened that you lost your sister Carol.
    I lost my wife to metastatic melanoma of the brain 2/28/2020, before COVID lockdown began. Just heard your speech on BBN today 3/14/22, and stories of “I love you” to our children. Fortunately our dad was a hugger and would pick us up and say, “Do you love your old man?” A YES would get us out of his grip. My wife and daughter are huggers too; so am I. Can hardly read my script here for the tears. May the LORD enrich your ministry.

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