4 Facts to Inspire You to “Lighten Up” and Live!

Five Facts to Inspire You to Lose Weight

Unaltered photo of me and Diane!

In the midst of a barrage of information on weight loss and physical health, it is hard to determine what is true and what is just a scheme to separate you from your wallet. Let’s just cut to the chase.

A healthy body gives you the ability and stamina to keep moving ahead. It increases your mental sharpness and makes it possible for you to live fully alive. Here are five facts that I hope will inspire you.

Weapons to Help you Fight the Battle of the Bulge!

Scale Do you battle trying to keep your weight at a healthy level? If the answer is YES you are not alone.

My efforts to stay healthy and fully alive is much like a battle. The battle is never over but the change in my life came when I decided to fight instead of surrender.

Here are some weapons that have helped me fight the battle of the bulge.