When I Woke Up… She Was Gone! A Tribute.

IMG_4410She was gone! I had awakened early and it always takes me a while to come back from the “never never land” of deep sleep to the “here and now land” of the real world. Still half asleep, I rolled toward Diane’s side of the bed reached out and realized she was gone.

Although my body was moving, my brain was not fully functional. It’s called “brain lag.” It’s like jet lag only without the plane.

She’s gone! The thought yanked my brain into the present.  

A frantic flailing arm and furtive blurry eyes scanned the empty bed and were finally calmed by a slow brain. It gradually dawned on me that Diane had risen early to play golf with her girlfriends.

As I lay there, that same slow brain reminded me of how much I loved this woman. We just celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary and over the past weeks I have thought about the many reasons I am so grateful to share life with her. Here are just a few…

She has loved me for who I am.

Scatter brained
Romantically clueless

She has loved me through some very tough times.

Financial hardship
Serious illness
A wandering heart in our early years of marriage
A focus on my career that for a while distracted me from focusing on our relationship

She has been an amazing mother.

Diane devoted her life to raising two beautiful daughters and doting on six spectacular grandchildren. Whatever they become… is her fault!

She has been an indispensable business partner.

Without Diane our finances would be in ruin and I would have no idea where to find the car keys or the car.

She seeks God’s wisdom and His will for her life.

Diane consistently studies the Bible and weighs decisions and actions in light of what is right. She also reads a lot of trashy fiction, evidently to see the consequences of doing wrong.

Does she have flaws?


But I will save those for another very short blog Post.

Before I could finish thinking of all the things I love about Diane, I had to get up and start the day.

I questioned putting these thoughts in a post because I wasn’t sure it was the right forum for such deeply personal matters. I also feared that if I included all the reasons I love her so much, it would be a very long post.

They say – behind every successful man there is a strong woman cheering him on.

I say – there is no strong woman behind me! Throughout our marriage Diane has been beside me. Any achievements have been a result of us working together.

I can’t imagine life without her.

Thank God she’s not gone!  She’s just out playing very bad golf with friends.
Thank you for reading this tribute!