Lessons an Acorn and a Devil Dog Taught me about Avoiding a Crash!

I was doing forty eight miles an hour….. Down hill….. on a bicycle.

My wife Diane says that at that speed I am only one acorn away from death. But I was staring at the road.  Looking for any acorns that might put me over the handlebars.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t see the dog. He came out of a driveway at full speed and headed for my ankles with a vicious growl.  A dog can’t run 48 miles an hour……. So what did I do?  I slowed down.

The dog had scared me so bad that I jerked the handle bars and started a violent shimmy in the front wheel of my bike.  As I applied the brakes the shimmy subsided.  But now the dog was gaining on me.  I yelled at the top of my lungs.

That’s when I hit the acorn. I don’t remember falling, but I do remember sliding along the pavement.  I covered my head with my arms and waited for the dog to grab my throat.


I peaked out from between my arms.

The dog was running in the opposite direction with his tail between his legs, yelping like a puppy.  Maybe it was the sound of the crash that scared him.
Personally I think it was the up close sight of me in biking shorts. I would have asked him, but I never saw him again.  Fortunately I had only minor injuries… broken helmet, sore hip, no skin.  I was able to ride my bike home.

So what lessons did I learn from the devil dog?

1.  Never lose your peripheral vision.

As we navigate through life it is easy to develop a tunnel vision that blinds us to everything else going on around us.

Where are your market competitors?
What are the temptations that can throw you off track?
Where are obstacles you must avoid?
What trends are emerging from the bushes?

Keep your eyes open and don’t concentrate on just one thing!!! If I had not been so obsessed with acorns, I guarantee I would have seen the devil dog.

Tunnel vision can also cause us to miss seeing opportunity. Every day God presents us with a myriad of opportunities. If we are obsessed only with acorns and potholes, we might miss the deer standing perfectly still watching us go by.   We might not see the turn that will give us a new beautiful route to our destination.

Here are two other lessons I learned

2.  Always wear skin tight biking pants. It gives your opponents tunnel vision.  It also scares away a lot of bad animals and people.

3.  Slow down. Go at a speed that allows you to see what is around you.  Don’t go any faster than required to keep ahead of the devil dog.

What gives you tunnel vision?   Name your acorn.

Look forward to reading your comments.