Overcome the Fear of Death…… while speaking!

Many studies show that fear of speaking is rated right up there with their with fear of death.  That is because failing as a speaker is about as painful as dying.

At our Dynamic Communicators Workshop you can find the solution to both fears.

You will gain confidence.

Confidence is the opposite of fear.  We will teach you to prepare so that you can confidently step to the front, knowing exactly what you are going to say and why.   The improvement that takes place when you know how to focus a speech and stay on track is amazing.

You will become more dynamic.

Dynamic presentations make people want to listen to what you say.  They keep you from the death of bombing as a speaker, and they keep the audience from dying of boredom.   How cool to have people be afraid they will miss your next words.

Register today for this years Dynamic Communicators Workshop.

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Have you ever died giving or listening to a speech?


  1. Author

    I have been through the workshop and I am no longer afraid. I now make my living speaking. When do I get the consultation??? Sincerely (-; Ken Davis

  2. I think most people are not afraid of dying if they are familiar with our savior but the process of dying is daunting. especially if you are aware of your odds 1 in 1 die

    1. Author

      I have seen some people die before they die… while delivering a speech. The ARE afraid… Thanks for your comment Bettina

  3. Ken Ken Ken …

    Saw your link to this on your Facebook page and was anticipating something insightful, funny or both. Yeah, I know a guy’s gotta make a living and all. And I’m confident this would be well worth the tuition. I’m just disappointed.

    But on the subject of overcoming the fear of death, since I have come to know and love my Lord, I don’t really fear death. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna go running after it, but when it comes, I am prepared.

    Oddly, this is the same attitude I have to public speaking as well.

    1. Author

      Ron, The DCW workshop has very little to do with making a living. Because of the costs, the workshop has never been a money making proposition. This is about providing a service to thousands of people who want to be better communicators. I have been doing this workshop for over 20 years and the response of those who come is overwhelming. Hundreds of our participants are ministry personnel who desire to communicate the gospel more clearly. Others are business professionals who want to be more excellent communicators. I love working with people who seek excellence.
      You will continue to see a variety of blogs. Some humorous, some informational, some inspirational. I am sorry you are disappointed in this one. I read many blogs and often simply skip the ones that don’t apply to me. I DO appreciate your comment hope you will continue to check for blogs you enjoy. BTW I think you would LOVE the workshop (-;

      1. Ken,
        I’m bumfuzzelled others are using this post as an opportunity to jab you re: fear of death. You handle it admirably. And … their jabbing only makes me more interested in the conference itself 🙂


  4. I’m not disappointed at all! I attended DCW as a student last April and it was life changing. I came in with some limited speaking experience. I felt like I was a pretty good speaker but I had NO IDEA how to put together a talk. DCW taught me this extremely valuable skill and I use it all the time – in speaking situations, in business, with my kids, at church. It was a great week! Ken, thanks for sharing about this amazing opportunity….and thank you for continuing to do what you do.


  5. Ken: I can see where a lot of people may be affraid of death but myself am not. I know my lord and savior will take me when the time is right. I do wonder how come bad things happen to good people and have to leave this world way too soon. especially when they have young childrenn. my sister passed away at the age of 41 with four young kids ranging from almost 9 years old to 8 days old. But as to fearing of death I do not. My love for God takes that fear away and I have total faith when the time comes for me to go heaven I’ll say take me home.

    1. Author

      Sorry about your loss. And you are right, faith goes a long way to alleviating the fear of physical death. Guess my title kind of messed people up since my blog was on the fear of dying meaning while giving a bad speech.

      1. I do have to say my sister kids have turned our really well. they are now ages 16-7. and I am sorry I miss understood your subject after I read it. It really had some good points thank you again.

  6. In answer to your question, YES on both counts!

    I vividly remember my terror before taking “Public Speaking” in highschool. It was a required course for graduation, but I put it off until the very last minute. Truly, the thought of speaking in front of my peers made my physically ill.

    I carried that same fear into my adult life. The last place I wanted to be was on a stage in front of people. Then, through a series of circumstances, God called me to speak (what was He thinking?!), and I had to wrestle between my burning desire to serve Him and my paralyzing fear of being in front of people.

    Without a doubt, DCW helped me to move past my apprehension and focus on God’s calling. Now the message God has given me is front and center, not my fear, uncertainty, or need to impress. I use the DCW preparation method almost every day, in preparing talks, writing articles, etc. It forces me to identify my true objective and then sets me free to communicate hope and truth from my heart–without fear or other roadblocks getting in the way.

    I can not recommend DCW highly enough. Thank you, Ken, for your passionate commitment to clear, powerful communication.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your kind words. Looks like you read the blog. I think I will change the title.

  7. Love it, Ken! I was inspired by your talk at re:create 2011 and want to get back into speaking. I just subscribed to your blog. Thanks for who you are… Garrison. 😉

    1. Author

      Jeff, It was a delight to meet you. Look forward to a growing friendship. A version of that presentation is being made into a limited theater release movie. I can’t wait.

  8. I think the title is perfect Ken!! I’m not afraid of a natural death, but I was terrified of Death by Public Speaking. That unnatural phobia that tells you you ARE going to die the moment you get in front of a group of people and open your mouth. This was not within the realm of any of my comfort zones, not even in the same time zone! But I knew that God wanted me to, my late husband wanted me to and even more importantly…. I wanted me to. So I signed up last fall, got on the plane and checked my comfort zone at the door.

    DCW is AMAZING!! I DID IT!! With the help of the Incredible speakers and facilitators, the encouragement of the rest of my small group, your excellent materials, and a bucket load of prayer…. I did it. I conquered my fears. Thank you, Ken!

  9. I remember the first time I spoke publicly but I was more like Marcel Marceau in a frozen state. When I preached for the first time I was hanging on for dear life to the pulpit and my finger prints are still in the beautiful white oak. But then I trust in the Lord and got past death by speaking although I think some wanted to kill me. I attended the workshop and got a lot out of it but as with anything I need to make time to refresh my thoughts by reviewing my DVD s and I hope and pray that I will return again some day over the rainbow where skies are blue and birdies sing and poop on my hat. Ken You are a gift as are all your associates that guide and direct the dead and dying speakers through the cemetery to be alive in speaking and living life. Maybe this spring? We live in hope. Blessings

  10. I took the dale carnagie course about 8 years ago that really helped me out with speaking to people publically and with other co workers. I work in a grocery store so I have to talk to the customers all of the time. and I am also the safety cordinator at the store I work in and have to do a monthly meeting with 8-10 people each time . thank you for blessing so many people and so many lives with your words from God . you are a true servant. blessing to you and your family and praying for your safe travles.

  11. DCW has been the most significant training I have ever encountered for speaking and presenting. It literally transformed my platform performance and the audiences’ response – both in positive ways. HIGHLY Recommended!

  12. Ken, there are 2 powerful principles you taught me at DCW that I will never forget. First, you and your staff teach us that the antidote to fear in public speaking is clarity. Second, If I can’t tell you in 1 sentence what I want to say then I can’t tell you in 30 minutes.

    This conference has revolutionized, my teaching. Thank you for your desire to help me be the best I can.

    1. Author

      Ryan, You nailed it. Clarity of purpose dispels fear. Being able to say it in a sentence confirms clarity. Thank you for your comments

  13. Dear Ken, I have heard your humor for years and know that God annoited you. I don’t laugh easily, but with your humor it is different. I would like access to your CD’s. Do you have CD’s that can be listened to online, or CD’s that can be purchased? If I buy all your humor is there a discount? Thanks for replying.

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