Do You Want Me to Pray for Your Toe?

Tyler, The prayer warrior!

Several years ago my daughter Traci dropped a heavy block of wood on her foot and broke a toe.  The pain was agonizing but there a was a deeper disappointment that drove her to tears.

She had trained to run a half-marathon to benefit Cooper Trooper an organization dedicated to helping the families and siblings of children who have faced life threatening disease.

With her face in her hands Traci sat on the couch sobbing. Then she heard the tiny voice of her three year old son, Tyler.  “You want me to pray for your toe?”   It is hard to hear and sob at the same time so Traci composed herself and asked Tyler to repeat what he had said.  This time he articulated each word loudly and distinctly so his mother would understand.  “DO – YOU – WANT – ME – TO – PRAY – FOR – YOUR – TOE???”

Traci responded, “I would like that very much.”  Tyler bowed his head, and with sincerity only a three year old can express prayed, “Jesus loves me this I know, please help my mommy’s toe……  AMEN!”  Then he went back to playing.

What did I learn from Tyler’s prayer?

Lesson 1

Little hearts are very sensitive to the needs of people around them.  He was genuinely concerned.

Lesson 2

Little people go straight to the heart of the matter.  No religious gobbly-gook…..  “Help my mommy’s toe!”

Lesson 3

Little hearts believe their prayers are heard and will be answered.  No need to hang around. God is going to take care of it.  Might as well get back to Thomas the Train. 

No wonder Jesus loved little children. They really have the biggest hearts of all.  Big people have a lot to learn from them. This was posted almost six years ago but when I saw it today, I had to re-post it.

Have you ever been touched or tickled by a child’s prayer?  Leave a comment, I would love to hear the story. [reminder]

Tyler today