A Unique Perspective on a Life Changing Truth

The Resurrection as Witnessed by A Blind Raven

FullSizeRenderIn the year 2000, I wrote a book entitled Sheep Tales – Bible stories told from the perspective of the animals who were there. It became our best selling book ever.  The book revolves around Galya, a sheep that has been chosen for sacrifice and his friend Edgar, a cynical half blind raven.

Before Galya can finish telling Edgar the story’s about God that have been passed down through the flock, he is led away to be sacrificed.  Edgar searches frantically for his friend then in a rage seeks to find and destroy this one called the messiah.

He finally finds Jesus and actually watches him die.  In the story that follows we find Edgar high in a tree staring at Jesus’ tomb through his clouded eyes as he mourns his friend Galya.  But Edgar is about to have the “eye opening” surprise of his life.

This is a little longer than most posts but I know you will enjoy this unique perspective of the gospel truth.

Out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death

1-TreeI debated whether to share this story, but I have no choice. I have run into so many people who are struggling and wonder if there is any hope.

This is exhibit “A” that there is hope!

In this post is the unbelievable entry I wrote in my journal over ten years ago and the story of how God’s amazing grace brought me out of the valley of the shadow of death.

Reading this entry drove me to my knees thanking God for the full life I am living today. 

Two Gifts that Keep On Giving

You will not believe this amazingly talented eleven year old boy playing a medley of Christmas songs on the guitar.

I know! Its not Christmas! You still have to see this to believe it.

The development of this boy’s talent was only possible because of two gifts he received. You have the power to give the same two gifts to a child, to someone in your family or even to someone on your team. It will change their life. So, what are these gifts? Watch the entire clip and then read on…

Day One! Two Reasons for Hope

sunset1Last week I shared a Rick Warren post entitled “The Blessings of a Life of Integrity.”

The Challenge to live a life of integrity was obvious.  But as I wrote, I knew that for many readers there was an enormous elephant standing in the room.

A question that went unaddressed.

Ken, what if my life hasn’t always been one of integrity? What if I have experienced failure? Has the sun set on my day of opportunity? Are the promised blessings forever lost? The answer is…