Three Simple Rules to Avoid Screaming After You Hit Send

Three simple rules to avoid screaming after you hit sendI was sitting at an airline gate when my iPhone beeped. It was a Direct Twitter Message from one of my team. I quickly texted a follow up message and hit send. I had just sent this personal message……. “Are you out of your mind! That may be the dumbest idea I have ever heard!” to the entire world.

At best, the mistake identified me as a novice and at worst a nut case! Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@kendavislive) know I do this on a fairly regular basis.

How to keep Twitter Worms from Sucking Up and Spitting out your Followers,

Don't tell me your going to bite on that?

Every day I see at least one and sometimes dozens of  Twitter DM hacking worms that drift annoyingly and temptingly across my computer screen.  The worm appears delicious but if I look closely, I can always see the telltale glint of a hook embedded in it’s pathetic little body.

Sometimes the worm has the name of a friend tattooed along it’s side.  At first glance it looks so enticing…..

“Cyber Friends?”

I love ur tweets, but shouldn't u be barking instead?

It is rare that I base a blog on a single question. But the outpouring of response to my blog “Finding friends in a world of fans” got me thinking more deeply about the subject and I am sincerely curious about your response to the question at the end of this blog.

Bill Gothard, isolated four “Levels of Friendship”. 1. acquaintance, 2. casual friend, 3. close friend, and 4 intimate friend.

Here is how he loosely defined each level.