I Give Heart Attacks

This is a great day!  It’s Lighten Up Monday!  I believe with all my heart I was born to make people smile and sometimes to make people laugh until they need medical help.  Enjoy “I give Heart Attacks!”

Question: Have you ever laughed so hard you couldn’t breathe?  What caused it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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3 thoughts on “I Give Heart Attacks

  1. One of the most hilarious moments was actually during my father’s funeral. A family friend of our parents, known for her strange outfits, had come and she was wearing the most insane hat that came to a strange point–almost like a pope hat but in bright red with fur trim. As she leaned over to extend her sympathies to my brother, the point of the had hit him lightly on the head. I ran out and my brother ran out and we were hysterical laughing for about 20 mins in the vestabule

  2. I saw you in 2005 on the In Touch cruise. I went with an elderly lady friend. She had to use the restroom before seeing you each time or she had an embarassing situation.