The Only Refuge That Will Not Fail

Guest Post by Michele Cushatt

We all struggle with identity—who we are, why we are, and what we have to offer this vast, broken world. About the time we find a scrap of worth or significance, something happens to make us fully aware of how much we lack. A harsh word. A broken relationship. A blunder or failure. Then, in spite of our best efforts at positivity or affirmation, we can’t escape the insecurity and aloneness we experience as a result. When it comes to this epidemic of misplaced identity, my friend Michele Cushatt understands the struggle first hand. Without giving away her story (which you can read in her books), Michele knows what it’s like to have the feet kicked out from underneath her, and to wonder if she’d ever again be able to stand. But she also knows what it’s like to push through the darkness, to cry out to God for grace, and to discover the miracle of a God whose purpose and presence never fail, regardless of what may come.

4 Reasons to Read “Lighten Up and Live” Sample: True Love Has 20/20 Vision

My Devotional "LIghten Up and Life" flew off the table at this conference....  So I picked it up!

My Devotional “LIghten Up and Life” flew off the table at this conference…. so I picked it up!

I posted this picture a few days ago, but I am using it again because every week I get requests for a sample of the kind of light-hearted devotionals in this book, Lighten Up and Live. People who have read it have characterized the book in this way.

  • It’s readable – Short and to the point
  • It’s fun – Will tickle the funny bone and highlight encouraging truth
  • It’s practical – Each devotional contains a single truth that can help carry you through the day
  • It’s inspirational – At the intersection of truth and humor there’s a wonderful place for healing and grace. I would love to meet you at that place.

Here is a sample of one of the daily readings.

Our Souls Need the Message in “Undone”


The picture on the cover of this book makes my brain hurt.  Look at it!  Ouch!

Wait a minute!  Life does the same thing! Life never follows the path I marked out for it.  Life often leaves me standing stripped of the expectations and longings of my heart.  Life is often turned upside down. It makes my head hurt.

In those moments its so easy to slide into the negative depths of self pity.  I can quickly find myself staring into the abyss of depression, clinging with all my strength to threads of hope anchored in solid ground.

Undone is filled with threads of hope.  Michele never leaves you feeling like a weakling in the presence of a superhero.  She takes you by the hand as a fellow weakling and points you to the source of strength that sustains her.

“The Question that Never Goes Away” – Philip Yancey

A FREE Philip Yancey book.  Today ONLY!


I don’t endorse many books, nor do I usually post a blog on Wednesday.

But my friend, Philip Yancey, has just written a powerful book based on his 2012 visits to three places of great suffering:  In each place he was asked to speak and bring words of comfort and hope. You can down load his book, and read it today for FREE.




  • Philip visited Japan after the devastating tsunami.
  • He visited Sarajevo after a war that tore a country and it’s family apart.
  • He spoke to the people of Newtown, CT after the unthinkable school shooting there.

The title of his new book is “The Question That Never Goes Away”  
It is a follow up to one of his all time best sellers.  “Where Is God When It Hurts.”   Philip’s books and his friendship over the years have changed my life.

Today (Sept 11) you can get a FREE advance Kindle version of “The Question that Never Goes Away.”

Here’s how you get it.  

Go to here to Amazon and order the kindle version before Midnight tonight, Sept 11.  That’s all there is to it.  The free offer expires at midnight Sept 11th. 

Zondervan will release the hard cover of Philips book in December, but so many disasters were happening around the world, they didn’t want to wait for the hard copy.  Get your free copy today and let me know how you enjoyed the book.

If you don’t enjoy the book there is a money back guarantee! (-;