The Executioner’s Song

6a00d834958b7053ef01287581e1c2970cKen was still a teenager when he enlisted in the army. He was one of twelve children, and he recognized his chance to make something of himself. He couldn’t know the United States would be at war within a matter of months.

At eighteen, Ken found himself in the thick of battle defending the Philippines against the onslaught of Japanese attack. One day he lay behind a log and watched as enemy soldiers overran his position by the hundreds. Ken and a companion hid their rifles and surrendered. It marked the beginning of a three-and-a-half year nightmare. Ken became a prisoner of war.

Freedom’s Price, Privilege, and Resposibility


Preston Fowler

Both redemption and freedom are costly privileges. We must never forget the cost of liberty or abuse the privilege. The east coast boasts the stature of liberty. We should erect another on our west shore called the statue of responsibility.

The hope of the cross can not only be viewed on a hill far away. It can be seen by a needy world only when we pay the cost to carry it on our journey of life. Thank you to all who have paid the price for freedom and to the ONE who paid for my redemption. Happy fourth and an ecstatic forever.