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What Is The Right Valentine Gift?

I may not be the best person to write a post on gift giving.  On our first anniversary, I gave Diane a car battery.  A few days earlier I heard her say we needed a battery.  I had been wondering what to get her and now I knew.  I secretly bought the battery, wrapped the box in nice paper and …

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The Power of a Child’s Prayer!

This is my granddaughter Jadyn when she was a small child. During that period as I experienced some very deep emotional struggles, Jadyn had a powerful impact on my life. Here is the story.

6 Factors that enable 6 Children to Climb to 13,000 ft.

We started climbing “Jones Mountain” just after the sun arrived to warm the chilly Colorado air.  It was not a technical dangerous climb, but it was one that many adults would find difficult to complete. The air was thin and legs were wobbly, but several factors allowed six children ages 5 to 13 and three ancient fossils to reach the …