Who’s in control?

I couldn’t move. I lay strapped to the hospital bed, conIMG_5626nected to the world only through a set of tubes that led to blipping machines and bags of fluid. I couldn’t actually see the tubes or the machines, but somehow I knew they were there.

Muffled shouts and screams were coming from the corridor. I couldn’t smell smoke, but I knew there was a fire because the sound of a fire bell swelled and ebbed in rhythm with my level of consciousness.  I struggled to wake up and heard a door open. That let in the full fury of the fire bell, and I was startled into a greater state of wakefulness.

How Much are Three Slices of an Olive Worth?

Objects in this photo may appear larger then they actually are.

Objects in photo are larger than they appear.

Years ago I began a weekly post titled, “Winner or Wiener.”  It was written to encourage companies that practiced excellent customer service and to encourage change in businesses that practiced poor service.  I stopped writing the post because I was too tempted to make it a rant against poor service I had  experienced.

Today I gave into that temptation.  I couldn’t help it.  This experience was too hilarious not to pass along.  I know you will think I made this up, but it actually happened.  I have witnesses who had to restrain me.  At the end of the post you can answer the question, what are three slices of an olive worth.

Oh Say Can You See?

boys-with-flag-2-375x281As I sat at my desk today, a note on my calendar caught my eye.  It was a reminder that my dad, survivor of 3 1/2 years as a prisoner of war, died eight years ago.

Under the note was a URL.  When I typed it into my browser it brought up this picture and a forgotten post.  

Internet Trolls

trollWith every word we say and write we need to ask a simple question, “What affect will my words have on the person hearing or reading them?” Unfortunately the Internet has been trending toward a world inhabited with trolls.  Yahbutts, dart throwers, spear chuckers, and horse puckey peddlers abound in cyberspace.  How do you deal with these discouraging encounters?  How do you know if you are one?  Read on.