Who’s in control?

I couldn’t move. I lay strapped to the hospital bed, connected to the world only through a set of tubes that led to blipping machines and bags of fluid. I couldn’t actually see the tubes or the machines, but somehow I knew they were there. Muffled shouts and screams were coming from the corridor. I couldn’t smell smoke, but I …

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How Much are Three Slices of an Olive Worth?

Years ago I began a weekly post titled, “Winner or Wiener.”  It was written to encourage companies that practiced excellent customer service and to encourage change in businesses that practiced poor service.  I stopped writing the post because I was too tempted to make it a rant against poor service I had  experienced. Today I gave into that temptation.  I …

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Oh Say Can You See?

As I sat at my desk today, a note on my calendar caught my eye.  It was a reminder that my dad, survivor of 3 1/2 years as a prisoner of war, died eight years ago. Under the note was a URL.  When I typed it into my browser it brought up this picture and a forgotten post.  

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Internet Trolls

With every word we say and write we need to ask a simple question, “What affect will my words have on the person hearing or reading them?” Unfortunately the Internet has been trending toward a world inhabited with trolls.  Yahbutts, dart throwers, spear chuckers, and horse puckey peddlers abound in cyberspace.  How do you deal with these discouraging encounters?  How …