Confessions of a Love Sick Dad!

It’s lighten up Monday! In this clip, I talk about  life’s bottom line to 11,000 adults and a stage full of teenagers. Enjoy!

The central message of the Bible is the Creator of the universe telling us, “I love you.” His central message to us is, “Show love to each other.”

Without love there is no life.

Is there someone you need to say,”I love you” to?
How have the words “I love you” changed your life?

Teenager Hotel Horror!

It’s Lighten Up Monday! If you have never stayed in a hotel populated by a large group of teenagers you are about to learn what it is like. If you have experienced this, the hair is already standing up on the back of your neck. Enjoy Teenage Hotel Horror!

Have you had “unique” hotel experiences that left you without sleep? Were there teenagers involved? Car alarms? Fire sirens? Bring on the stories.

A Screwdriver and a Dog

It’s Lighten Up Monday! What happens you combine a screwdriver with explosives? Watch this video clip to find out!

This may rank in the top ten of stupid things I did when I was young.  Am I the only one?

What is one of your top ten?   OR have you been wise from birth?

This clip taken from I’m Not Ok.

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High Tech Hotel Security

It’s Lighten up Monday!  Do you remember when hotel keys were actually keys? I have a whole drawer full of them that I forgot to turn in.  Enjoy this clip of High Tech Security that will give you peace of mind next time you stay in a hotel.

This video is available on Ken’s DVD “Twisted Mind” For more info or to purchase click here.