Strategy for Fighting Fatigue

Half Asleep Woman With First Cup of CoffeeDo you want to remain emotionally healthy?

Do you want to be physically capable to handle what this day brings?
Do you want to maximize the creativity that permeates your soul?
Do you want to be all that you were created to be?
Do you want to enjoy life to the fullest?

If so, you must identify and do battle with the enemies that can keep you from achieving those goals.  Here comes the first one now!!

No one Can Take This Away!

IMG_2503For the past week I have been secluded in the wilderness listening to the screaming bugles of elk and the frantic yelping of coyotes welcoming the morning. Climbing winding game trails through high timber, I feel a sense of freedom. Even my mind is free to wander. Of course my mind rarely does anything but wander.

Today I said a prayer of thanks for the privilege of experiencing the spectacular beauty I have seen in this place. Then my mind wandered from that ecstatic moment down a sadder, darker path.  A path with a nagging question that needed an answer.

I was reminded of the alarming world wide trend to remove all vestiges of faith in the God I just thanked from public life.  The trail grew more ominous as I pondered what my personal response to this travesty should be. The creator of everything I was seeing, The Hope of mankind, is often treated in our society with the same disdain we once held  for despicable things, while despicable things are often welcomed on public display.

What am I to do?

Will the government eventually remove all vestiges of God from our/my life?

Can they?

Then I looked up and realized the answer!

It’s Not About the Nail!

It’s Lighten Up Monday!  My friend Bob Shueman sent me this viral video.  I died laughing.   Bob said, “After 36 years of marriage I have learned ….listening is step one…then possibly ask the question…”Would you like some feedback?”…if the answer is “no” default to step one!”

Enjoy, “There’s a Nail in Your Head” by Jason Headley

Next Monday I will share a “nail in the head” moment Diane and I had.   Now after 45 years we look back and laugh.  How about you?

If any of you men out there have all of this figured out……  Help us!


Confessions of a Love Sick Dad!

It’s lighten up Monday! In this clip, I talk about  life’s bottom line to 11,000 adults and a stage full of teenagers. Enjoy!

The central message of the Bible is the Creator of the universe telling us, “I love you.” His central message to us is, “Show love to each other.”

Without love there is no life.

Is there someone you need to say,”I love you” to?
How have the words “I love you” changed your life?

Teenager Hotel Horror!

It’s Lighten Up Monday! If you have never stayed in a hotel populated by a large group of teenagers you are about to learn what it is like. If you have experienced this, the hair is already standing up on the back of your neck. Enjoy Teenage Hotel Horror!

Have you had “unique” hotel experiences that left you without sleep? Were there teenagers involved? Car alarms? Fire sirens? Bring on the stories.