Smell Test

Happy November and Happy Lighten Up Monday! One of the reasons I love my wife Diane so much is that she makes me laugh, she doesn’t even have to try. A short vacation, a defrosted refrigerator and a spoiled carton of milk led to this funny moment…

This clip was taken from I’m Not Ok – for more info or to purchase, click here!


  1. Thanks to my unusual brain problem and the fact that I can’t distinguish different smells, nobody, and I mean nobody asks me to come and smell something.

  2. Dear Ken,

    I have to tell you that you are a blessing. You make me laugh. It is clean humor like Red Skelton . I do hope to meet you one day. I like to make people laugh and point them to Jesus, just like you do. Every once in a while a lemon truck overturns and the road is filled with sour fruit. You somehow manage to throw sugar on it and.make lemonade. God bless Ms. Peterson who saw through God’s eye into your heart and found the joy and laughter in there. I had somewhat similar story, but just trying to find my right place in life. There are some rough patches where one lands in a cactus Bush. But you would find a way to make it funny. Thank you for bringing a laugh and a smile in the cactus path with a side of lemonade

  3. Thank you for the wonderful where you make us laugh… You are such a blessing in so many ways…

  4. Marriage is a source of hilarious times. My husband insisted on going shopping for the first time in many years. As we were going down the aisles he was complaining about the prices. I reminded him he had not gone shopping for years and yes, we could no longer buy milk for 25 cents a quart! I told him to go pick up some milk located in the far corner of the store. He came back grumbling, “They shouldn’t have milk way in the back! Old people, ( which we were,) can’t walk that far. I’m going to tell them about that!.” I said, “Listen, I come here to shop all the time. Don’t embarrass me.” He replied, “Well, I’m going to do It!” Then, I became frustrated and said, “if you do, I’m going to leave this basket here and get the heck out!!” We went through the line and he didn’t say a word. Drove home, I put away the groceries and he still hadn’t said a word. Unusual for a VERY talkative husband. So I asked, “Why are you not talking?” “After what you called me in the store?” “What did I call you?” I asked. Did I forget to tell you he had a hearing problem??). He said, “You called me a bast*** and told me to get the He** out!” One of my fondest memories of shopping with a husband with hearing problems!!

  5. Thank you !! I had never heard of your Monday humor but have always enjoyed your sense of humor!

  6. This is So Delightful and absolutely Hilarious thank You for the Privilege of sharing your amazing Gifts with me!!!
    I pray Daddy God gives you and Mrs Davis and Your Families Mega Stuff here and now as He Has in heaven So too He Lavishes You All with heaven’s best Stuff and Fun Stuff here and now as it is in heaven, So Mega ly be it to you all on earth now in Jesus name I pray

  7. I continue to jump on the Joy bandwagon every time I listen/watch your funny stories. I consider myself among those “Peculiar People” we’re Biblical…….
    God continue to bless you Ken!
    A Merry Heart Does Good Like a Medicine.

    -David – J.I.L. Certified.

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