All the Men!

8 17 07 120Her name is Jadyn. She spreads joy everywhere she goes. This picture was taken in 2007. She was three years old.

Jadyn was a praying princess. She wouldn’t let you eat a peanut unless you prayed first. One day I caught her choking the dog because he started gobbling his food without praying.

She couldn’t say “Amen.” The closest she could come was to finish her prayer with the words, “All the men.”

Jadyn was like medicine for me during a very difficult time in my life. 

Father’s Day

Foto 12 q036 copyWhat does a father post on Father’s day? In the past I have written advice on how to be a good father, which should have been titled: Things I Wish I had Done. I have also given advice on how children should honor their dad on this special day. Those posts were written as hints to my own children. This year I want to do something different.

Three Shocking Facts About the Affect of Technology on Children

Tyler iphone wizardCan you tell me what is unusual about this picture of my grandson, Tyler? He was three when this picture was taken.

There is nothing unusual about the fact that he is playing on my cell phone. At this age he was capable of changing most of my settings, which is way more than I was capable of.

There is nothing unusual about the trance like look on his face.  That is often the look of children engrossed in some kind of internet activity. Read on to find out what is unusual.