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A Creepy Memory from the Past

There are some things that slip from this earth unnoticed and unremembered, lost until some sound or smell brings their memory back in vivid detail? That’s what happened last night when I tried to retrieve a favorite pen from behind the clothes drier.   I climbed on top of the running drier and “Shazam ” I was transported back 40 years. 

A Video of the Devil Dog Hill Minus the Devil Dog

E-mails have been pouring in asking to see the “devil dog hill.” One poured in just now.  So I rode the hill with my friend Spence Smith and filmed the ride for you.  Imagine a dog attacking  from the left, imagine hitting a large acorn. Enjoy the ride!  If you missed the post…. about this you can read it here. …

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Seven Secrets to Sleeping like a Baby

There is a reason I have bigger bags under my eyes than are allowed on Delta Airlines. I have a problem with sleep.  I don’t have a problem sleeping.  I have a problem getting to sleep and staying asleep. I have tried everything. Someone said drink a warm glass of milk before you go to bed.  I couldn’t find a …