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Brush your dog’s teeth???

Yesterday my friend Sheila Walsh twittered that she took her Scottish dogs in to have their teeth cleaned and the vet asked her why she doesn’t brush them herself. Hellooo! She values her arm. Like Sheila said, “You don’t mess with a Scot.” More likely she has smelled her dog’s breath.

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Snuggie Ingenuity!

Last night temperatures dipped to 40 degrees in the mountains. In the terrifying chaos of Monday’s events, I forgot to bring long pants. What to do? Someone said, “necessity is the mother of invention.” I say that anyone who wanted a Snuggie could save big bucks by turning their bathrobe backwards. Well, I have good news for you. Anyone who …

“Toe Clips” and “Face Plants!”

My wife gave me a pair of bicycle toe clips for Christmas. I thought it was because she loved me. Now I’m not sure. Yesterday, I just went for my first ride. I felt like a sleeping cow at a high school senior party. I tipped over five times. For the uninformed, toe clips attach your foot to the pedals …

Learning to keep my mouth shut

I had to go through a security wanding at the airport the other day. For those who may not know what a security wanding is, it’s like receiving a spanking for something you didn’t do. The only difference is they can’t touch you with the paddle. As the wand went over my watch it gave off the national security alert …