Up in the Air! It’s a Movie! It’s a Book! NO! It’s Fully Alive!

What in the world is “Fully Alive?”   Its my feature length film in theaters March 22 and 25th. 

It’s also a book, and small group curriculum to be released by summer.

BUT most important:

Fully Alive is the opposite of partly alive

and a wonderful alternative to totally dead! 

It is…………

Fifty Ways to Be a Lover!

Someone asked me what words I want to be spoken at my funeral.  My first response was that I want someone to say….. “He moved!  He’s alive!”  But I doubt that will happen.

I think I would want the people who knew me best to say, “He was a lover!” Not in a lover in the classic sense of a ladies man, but I want to be known as someone who loved people.  I haven’t got it all together but I,m working hard to build that reputation.

Nothing is more powerful than love. But how does one become, a lover?  I don’t have fifty suggestions, but I do have twelve

5 Reasons I disappeared from the face of the earth

Diane and me at the Sidney Opera House.

Okay! I broke the cardinal rule of blogging.  I haven’t blogged for over 8 weeks.  I didn’t really disappear from the face of the earth, I disappeared from cyberspace. I  owe you an explanation because you have been so faithful following my blog, So let me bring you up to date.