Are you Home? – 4 Reasons to be Sure!

I’m sure you’ve heard the old phrase, “The lights are on but nobody is home.”  It was often used in reference to someone who was ditzy or slightly daft.

But I wonder if too often it might be used to describe the way many of us go through life.  Are you home?

  • Do you ever find yourself totally missing what someone is saying because you are thinking about what you might say in response?
  • Do you ever find yourself so intent on a getting to a destination that you enjoy nothing of the journey.
  • Do you think of times with friends as “them being with you” instead “you being with them?”

It is with a measure of sadness that I remember taking my daughters with me on camping trips.  They remember being with me.  But sadly they don’t remember me being WITH THEM.  I had my agenda and they were along for the ride.  I was busy trying to make it to the top of the next ridge, spot the next herd of elk, or catch the next fish.  At home, I was caught up in advancing my career.  Some of their questions went unheard, unanswered.

I didn’t feel the tug of their hand as they spotted a flower or mysterious mushroom that needed investigation.  I discouraged pleas to skip a rock for fear it might scare away a fish.  If I had it to over again I would have made a conscious effort to be present with them.

I adored my children but in some ways I imagine that being with me was like shaking the hand of a politician who looked past you checking to see if there was a more important person in the room.

As I looked into the face of my grandson today I realized…………

*  Today is more than just a portal to tomorrow. It is today!
It is priceless.  There may not be a tomorrow.

*  The people I am with right now need me to be with them,
hearing what they say, seeing the joy or pain in their eyes.

*  My team needs
someone who sees more value in the moment  than just the opportunity to produce a plan for the future.

*  My wife needs a husband who can step out of cyberspace long enough to listen, hear, and respond.

Where are you right now?  Are you present?  Do you see the gifts lying open before you?

Join me in the here and now.  There will be plenty of time to dream about the future.  This moment will be gone too soon.




  1. You are awesome, Ken. I’m heading out hunting next week (4th season this year) with 5 teenagers. Want to come with us? Unit 15.

  2. This is so true. I was warned as a young mom to enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast. I headed their advice & my son has special memories of us sharing his world and he is comforted when life gets tough for him.

  3. Ken, such an encouragement today. This is a lesson I’ve been learning and struggling to implement. I’m getting better at it but still get sidetracked with all of the distractions in the world..

  4. I have a question; it’s one that weighs heavy on me. As a result of being a Godless parent, my children are as far from Our Lord as is humanly possible. If I had my time again, only this time with Christ in my life, would I do it again, bring them up in His ways, or do I continue forward, knowing that The Lord will answer our prayers and bring our children to Him and use their testimonies to further His kingdom?

    My comfort, and answer of sorts, is that I believe there is ALWAYS more good than bad in All things, with the exception of dying without Christ, and so, unable to go back, I look forward to the day our children come to me and say, “ Dad, I’ve found Christ”.

    1. The only direction to look is forward. And I pray the day you hope for will come.

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