A Year of Original Art


As a teenager I began painting with oil. At age forty-five I discovered the frustrating medium of watercolor. I could control oils, I could re-paint and cover up mistakes with oil. Watercolor had a mind of it’s own. But I was delighted to discover it’s mind was sometimes more creative than mine.

What I Learned from The King of the Forest!

My watercolor of Grandson Tyler Scheer.   King of the Forest!

I am a closet watercolor painter.  Unfortunately my perfectionism has kept me from painting for several years and made me afraid to show my work in public for fear of criticism.

I have thrown dozens of paintings away because they weren’t perfect.  On other paintings in an effort to get it perfect  I repainted so many times that the result was a gooey mess.  But this time was different. This time I was painting the King of the Forest!

Ken’s secret life


I guess it’s time to confess that I am a secret amateur artist. I love doing watercolor paintings. Years ago I made extra money to finish college by doing oil paintings and then I put down the brushes for almost thirty years. Recently I investigated watercolor and was hooked. Like life, watercolors are unpredictable. One has to learn to make beauty out of what the paint decides to do. I am a controlling person so this is a real challenge for me. This is my watercolor painting of a bluebird photograph sent to me by my cousin Jim Christensen. His ability to capture unique images of nature inspires me to paint. Jim sees the color in life we so often miss. He knows a rose is not just a rose.

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