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A Year of Original Art

As a teenager I began painting with oil. At age forty-five I discovered the frustrating medium of watercolor. I could control oils, I could re-paint and cover up mistakes with oil. Watercolor had a mind of it’s own. But I was delighted to discover it’s mind was sometimes more creative than mine.

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What I Learned from The King of the Forest!

I am a closet watercolor painter.  Unfortunately my perfectionism has kept me from painting for several years and made me afraid to show my work in public for fear of criticism. I have thrown dozens of paintings away because they weren’t perfect.  On other paintings in an effort to get it perfect  I repainted so many times that the result …

Ken’s secret life

I guess it’s time to confess that I am a secret amateur artist. I love doing watercolor paintings. Years ago I made extra money to finish college by doing oil paintings and then I put down the brushes for almost thirty years. Recently I investigated watercolor and was hooked. Like life, watercolors are unpredictable. One has to learn to make …