From a Distance

This is a Watercooler Wednesday post.

Life can be an exhilarating, confusing and sometimes debilitating kaleidescope of images and colors.

I remember when a girl in high school told me that God had told her to break up with me. It was devastating, especially since God had said nothing to me and my name came first alphabetically. Since then, I have thanked God that he allowed His name to be used (in vain) for this person to dump me.

In the midst of both tragic and happy events we can be left clueless as to what purpose they serve in the context of the larger view of our life. Our swirling emotions and reactions feel like chaos.

Often it is only the perspective of distance (time) that brings those events into focus and makes some sense out of them.


Unique street artist Julian Beever demonstrates that what can appear as a mixture of confusing colors and textures snaps into clear focus from the perspective a distance.

You may have seen his work before. If you haven’t, click here and look at all his work. It’s amazing and pure fun. It also demonstrates that time and distance can give you a new perspective.

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Amazing Grace on the BLACK keys

This is a Watercolor Wednesday post.

Wintley Phipps is one of the classiest people I have ever met. Listen to the whole clip. You will never listen to amazing grace in the same way again. You will enjoy it more. A friend said this singing wasn’t hip. My response was, Well, it’s heart. I’ll take heart over hip anytime. I even like hip when it’s heart. “Hip Heart”

I’ll tell you what is not hip. I once introduced this man as Whitney Houston. That’s not hip!

When an artist performs and lives with genuine integrity and heart it shows. The power of his or her music is intensified exponentially. When the origin of the music and lyrics comes from the same genuine heartfelt kind of source, the power is multiplied again.

I can sing one note. That’s the extent of my range. I encourage my musically talented artist friends to write and sing from the heart. Everything else is just business.