When words fail


Problems where did you go?

Pride where did you run?

Did the tears of joy wash you away?

Humility, worship, and awe engulf me.

All the others are invisible in the shadow of your creation.

Oh God! I am here in the presence of your handiwork.

I feel so small,

yet significant

I am silent.

Watercooler Wednesday


  1. What a great psalm…when I first read it, for a split second I thought you said “insignificant” – that would be the expected wording, don’t you think? But the fact that we are significant is so much more humbling and overwhelming. Brings me to silence too. Thank you for writing and sharing this. I will meditate on this when I go to bed tonight.

  2. Marina,
    Thank you for your comment. It really isn’t a Psalm. Just a record of thoughts that coursed through my soul as I lay in that field of flowers.
    You caught the most important part. It is in his awesome presence we FIND significance.

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