Humor Me!

01-kia-gramp-laughThe best definition of humor I have heard goes like this, “Humor is a gentle way to acknowledge human frailty.” Almost all humor “makes fun” of some weaknesses or foible. This can be done in a spirit of cruelty, “anything to get a laugh” or in a spirit of healing that helps us take action to become better people.

This post is not for humorless people. But if you believe that laughter is good medicine, read on.
My definition of humorless people is as follows,  “Humorless people are those who refuse to acknowledge any personal frailty.” People with delusions of perfection cannot laugh.  They won’t allow themselves to laugh.  Being humorless is a sad malady.

After telling an old joke to make a point, a women approached me shaking with rage. “Frogs don’t walk into a bar,” she sputtered,  “Frogs hop!”  Not yet satisfied with the first vial of acid she has thrown, she continues. “I thought you were a Christian. Why didn’t you have the frogs walk into a church instead of a bar?”

I wanted to explain that these frogs had been trained to walk and that they walked into a bar because they couldn’t find any beer in the church. But she spun on her heels and disappeared before I could answer.

In another show I talked about a frustrated parent reaching back to discipline children fighting in the back seat of a car, only to discover that children innately know of the one spot in a car a parent’s arm cannot reach. I received a scathing letter suggesting that the telling of that story promoted child abuse… Please bear with me, I am counting to ten before I continue.

I also had an elderly gentleman choose to enlighten me after hearing that story. He said that years ago God taught him a lesson about swinging at children in the back seat. He leaned forward as if to scold me and winked. “God taught me,” he whispered, “a touch on the brakes brings ’em right into play.”

Which of those people would you like to share your life with?

Three quick suggestions:

  • Laugh at yourself and people will laugh with you. People will see themselves in your stories.
  • Use the right edge of the sword. Humor is a two edged sword. It can be used to enlighten and encourage or hurt and destroy. Know which edge you are using.
  • Let the sound of your laughter be a source your family and friends can identify you with and remember you by.

We live in an increasingly easily offended and humorless society. Don’t be swallowed up in the negativity.

Smile and the whole world smiles with you… except for the lady who doesn’t believe in walking frogs.

Frown and it will really make you look unattractive.

[reminder]I choose to be attractive, how about you?[/reminder]