The Best Award Ever!



Over the years I have received many awards and a lot of positive recognition.  Some of those awards hang on my wall or sit on a special shelf.  I appreciate all of them.

BUT none of them come close to this!  

This award given to me by 11 year old granddaughter “Lexi.”  She produced it herself.  It will never sit on a shelf or hang on a wall.  It’s firmly implanted in my heart.  I will never forget it.

Have you ever received or given this kind of award?  Love to hear your story. 

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10 thoughts on “The Best Award Ever!

  1. Yes sir. That is a priceless treasure to keep in your heart. One of God’s greatest gifts is grandchildren. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those are truly the best gifts. I still have a slide show that my son made several years ago (he is now 22) and he included all pictures of us together (I was a single mom) and it means more to me than anything in the world…and I keep it in my heart always.