Are You Reading That?

Beginning today, I plan to post a clip every Monday from one of my videos.  The goal is to make you laugh and/or inspire you to live fully alive.  This is the first of the series.  I look forward to your feed back and please, SHARE THIS with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and by email.  Laughter is the easiest way to start living Fully Alive! This clip is one of my audience’s most requested favorites.  Enjoy!

[youtube id=”ciTTF9IsOOs”] Clip taken from “Under The Influence.” For more details or to purchase, please click here.

What strange things have you seen written or said by other people?   Have a great day!


  1. Lost my job 3 weeks ago and missed your segment on the local christian station. Now I am listening at home in my snuggy while the sleet hits the window. Blessing in disguise! And so are you! Well – maybe you’re not in disguise -that’s not my business.

    1. Pray that you find work. BTW A disguise would probably be better than the face I have to live with!!!!

  2. Thank you, Ken. What a treat it was to watch this. I believe I’ll be grinning all day and what a gift that is to me. Again…thank you, so much. Thanking God for you today and that you share your gift of communication and laughter. Blessings on you!

  3. I was asked once by a close friend (a guy) in public if I wanted ‘to make out.’ Without realizing what I was saying, I replied out loud for all to hear, ‘I’d rather you not ask me that in public!’ Hilarious now…embarrassing then 🙂 love you, Ken!

  4. A boss once brought me a large file, saying he had gone through every paper in it and could not find the maps. He told me to go through the trash because I probably threw them away and stormed off to lunch. I went into his office, got the file, found the tab marked “maps” and put all of the maps on top of the file. After lunch, he asked me what I had to do to find them and I told him (no smirking) they were in the file under the “maps” tab. He never spoke to me again.

  5. This is great!!! Oddly – the USA Today crossword is the only one I can do – but I still do it the old fashioned way!

  6. Sooo funny! A few years ago when my late husband was going through chemo a friend of ours brought over that dvd for us. That particular set him on a laughing jag! It was a blessing to see him laugh like that….. Thank you!

  7. What a cool addition to Mondays! It’s always a plus when you can not only laugh, but laugh out loud (even if your co-workers look at you strangely!). Thank you so much for posting these clips!!!

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