From a Usually Cynical Observer – Don’t miss A.D.



Last Sunday I reluctantly tuned in to A.D. The Bible Continues the 12-episode series that follows smash hit The Bible, which  drew 13.1 million viewers — one of the largest audiences ever for a cable program.

I’m hooked!

I was reluctant because I have never been a big fan of “Bible movies.” That’s why I missed, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s production of The Bible.

I have always appreciated the intent of those who produced movies depicting depicting the Bible period. But there was a lack of quality, and a cheese factor that quickly made me lose interest. I was also turned off by more recent attempts at Bible stories. (Can you say “Noah”) They departed far from the scripture story and were loaded with political agenda.

So, I was surprised when I found myself captivated from beginning to end by the first episode of A.D. The Bible Continues.   It’s focus on developing the characters of the disciples as they they experienced the crucifixion and resurrection was believable and moving.

After all I claim to be a disciple of this Christ. I kept wondering what my response would have been, if I had been one of the twelve.

The scene where Pilate, the governor, washes his hands of responsibility was pregnant with emotional conflict. No cheese here. This superb moment left no doubt that by washing his hands Pilate did not bring peace to his heart. His question, “What is truth?’ was haunting, as was a piece of dialog amongst the disciples as they pondered whether to run or stay where they were. “Is our faith not worthy of three days?”

If you missed the first episode you can watch it by clicking here. I encourage you watch the next 11 parts of the series. This cynical observer is a believer!

If you saw the first episode, what was your reaction? [reminder]