4 Steps to a Spectacular 2015

Millions of people are looking forward to the first days of 2015 like a child looks forward to a new school year.  Remember the anticipation? The slate was clean. A new chance to get better grades, make new friends and take hold of exciting opportunities. Why then did so many of those years slip by without change?  What could have been done differently?

The 2015 New Year’s celebrations are over. The lights have dimmed and the smell of fireworks has drifted away. But opportunity and hope did not disappear with the smoke. Here are four steps to help make this year one of your best!

1. Believe that every day is New Year’s Day.

Today is a clean slate to be filled with whatever we choose to write on it. No circumstance or person or government has the power to wrest the chalk from our hand. You and I will determine our own attitudes and actions on this New Year’s Day… and the next… and the next. Don’t give up! God’s mercies are new every morning. If yesterday didn’t go as you planned, today is a new day!

2. Aim at a single specific goal for the year.

Write it down. Make it something good, something honorable, something that will make you, and the people you love, better off than they were yesterday. Aim at nothing and you will hit nothing every time. So, aim at something!   I have never written down a worthy goal that didn’t come true. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen with what I have written down for this year.

Along with the long term goals you are aiming at, choose a simple worthy goal for each new year’s day of the year.

3.  Don’t do 2015 alone!

Share your dreams and goals with someone. One is a lonely number – maybe that’s why God made an infinite amount of numbers to follow it. Enlist a friend or friends to walk with you. Come alongside someone else and encourage them to make this a great year. Lean heavily on your creator to lead and comfort you. Whatever you do, don’t walk alone.

4.  Take the first step now.

I’m talking about right this second. Not a single task can be accomplished by only thinking about it. Dreams are fulfilled by taking single, wobbly, courageous, baby steps in the direction you wish to go. The only step that matters is the next one you take. The only one who can take it, is YOU.

These Steps to a Spectacular 2015 are not written as advice given by a great achiever to those who are struggling.

This is the testimony of a fellow struggler who has seen some deep valleys as well as some spectacular mountain tops. Let’s do the journey together this year. As friends, let’s commit to take these four steps to make 2015 one of the best years yet.

Please share some of your dreams for 2015 with me.

Do you have some additional steps that will help us?


I pray you will have a