All Grizz or all Biz?

While on vacation we had two visitors to our little cabin on the lake.  One was immediately smothered in hugs, fed every spare scrap of food and invited to spend time with the family. The tag he wore told us his name was “Grizz.” Not “Grizzly,” which has a mean and scary connotation, but “Grizz.”  Something you could snuggle up to.  From the tip of his tale, to the shaggy deep fur that couldn’t keep up to the cadence of his walk, to the long tongue that never completely disappeared, everything about Grizz whispered, lover, friend, fun!  We could not keep the grandchildren or the adults away from Grizz.  And it was obvious that he loved being with us.


I found myself asking,”Is that the way people view me?” How about you?

Another visitor appeared on our deck one morning.  He was a Stag Beetle. Stag Beetles are actually quite harmless and can be handled.  Yeah, right!  No one in our family volunteered to caress this creature. It is a nice little bug, but he is all business. His posture and mean look scare people (and other bugs) away. When “Stag Man” appeared screams could be heard for miles and the deck emptied of humans in a millisecond.


I thought, “Is that how people view me?”  How about you?

I know for certain that there are times when my attitude and demeanor resembles the stag beetle more than Grizz.

Today I prayed that God would give me lots of shaggy fur, a wagging tail, and the warm friendly demeanor of Grizz. So far I haven’t emptied any planes and one person even shared food with me.