Five Helpful Hints for Dealing with HDAD or Whatever It is.

Am I the only one who can put off what needs to be done by thinking of something else that needs to be done?  Am I the only one that has a hard time cleaning up a desk because everything I touch grabs my attention?  I have read entire books while cleaning my desk.  Please let me know I am not the only one that walks into a room and wonders why I am there?   If I open my computer I am dead.  There they are.  All those enticing icons calling for my attention,  making me forget why I opened my computer in the first place.

I was diagnosed with DADH a long time ago.  Not everybody has this fun, challenging disorder, but everybody seems to have at least some of the symptoms…..   I call it PNRTAC  Pretty Normal Response To American Culture.

People who are plugged in 24 hours a day seven days a week, who never rest and often tackle far more than it is possible to handle will certainly find it difficult to concentrate.

Now where was I?  Oh, yes.  Here are five helpful hints that have helped me survive and even thrive as a ADDH practitioner!

1. Write stuff down 
Lists are an amazing way to keep on track.  Carry a single note book with you at all times and capture those stray thoughts, leaving your mind free to  focus on the present task.
2. Set a time to work on a specific task 
Don’t juggle tasks in your head, on paper, or even on the computer.   As a certified airhead I can tell you that it will not get done until it is assigned a day and time on the  calendar.
3. Gather what you need ahead of time
Nothing can be more frustrating than not having the tools available to  complete a task.  Gather them ahead of time.  If I plan to run or bike in the morning I put all the clothes together the night before.  Otherwise while  hunting for my running shoes I will decide to organize my closet, and won’t get out the front door.
4. Take a break between tasks
Do not try to work all day long without several little breaks.  A cup of coffee, a brisk walk, even a cat nap can restore your energy and keep your mind clear.
5. Only put a doable amount of tasks on your daily to do list
It is better to run out of tasks during a day, and feel like you have really  accomplished something, than to accomplish 30 tasks, have 10 remaining and feel like you left your work unfinished.

There ya go. Five hints that I hope will make your day more fun, less confusing, and more productive.

What have you found helpful to keep you focused!   I would love to hear your comments……   Wait!  I see a squirrel!