From the mouths of Babes.

A little girl sitting near the front at one of my shows and kept talking, and squirming. Her mother finally made her sit down and sternly whispered that if she didn’t sit quietly and listen to my program she would be taken into the hall to get a spanking.

With her arms crossed in disgust, the little girl watched the program for about 10 minutes.Then she turned to her mother and whispered…. “Lets go out and do the spanking.”

When the mother told me this story I hit the floor laughing.  I had fully expected her to tell me her daughter had whispered how funny I was.  But the little girl chose a spanking rather than listening to me.

Nothing will bring you crashing back to reality quicker than a child.

Once a precocious little girl came up to me after a packed show with over 3000 people.  She just stood staring at me.  After such a successful evening I was on cloud nine. Many little children just want me to sign something so I asked,

“Would you like an Autograph?”

“Up close,” she said, “Your really old.”

You know what? “Far away,” I’m really old.  But I’m sure having fun.  The unrestrained honesty of a child can bring us back to earth and restore a sense of humility even to the most prideful among us.

When we take ourselves less seriously, it helps us lighten up and live. 

Have you ever been taken down a few notches?   What have you heard from the mouths of babes?