Is it worth it to be “Discovered?”

6a00d834958b7053ef011570b1d1da970bA young boy walking on the beach found a fish washed up on the beach.  Gently he picked it up and brought it to his father.  Dad praised the boy for discovering the fish and “saving” it.  They bought a bowl, filled it with water and slipped the fish inside.  They toured with the fish.  Everywhere they went they told the crowds that gathered the story of how they had discovered this hapless creature and “saved” it.  Thousands of people lined up to press their faces against the glass to see the fish that had once floundered in the sand.  Had they looked closely some one might have seen that something had changed.  But no one noticed. There was a longing in the creatures eyes…… not for fame but for freedom.  Certainly the fish being discovered and saved was a good thing.  But perhaps something in the soul begins to die when the end result of discovery and even salvation is exploitation.

Susan Boyle comes to mind.  Recently a story ran of Susan “losing it” after being hounded by reporters.  Anyone who watched her last performance could see nervous tension that was not there before. I couldn’t help but wonder…..

There’s no question the moment of discovery and acknowledgment of her talent was wonderful and right.

But what about now?

What about the makeover and the fishbowl and the exploitation?

When I look closely, I wonder if I can still see the joy that accompanied the moment of her discovery or do I see a longing for the peace and freedom and the tranquility of the sea.

What do you think?