It’s a dogs life


Some things are just too weird for words. While riding four wheelers on remote logging road at 12,000 ft, we ran into this site. I don’t know what to say. I understand why he might be carrying mountain lion bait, but why the goggles?

I would love to hear some of your captions to this picture. As for me it was too weird for words.

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21 thoughts on “It’s a dogs life

  1. Of course it is weird…anyone that does not like cats is weird and would put their dogs in dark glasses so they would not be recognized. Maybe these are dressed as “blind help dogs”.
    You are the best.

  2. Gonza Journalist Hunter Thompson, formerly of this life, escorts two illegal aliens from Venus to their UFO somewhere above 12,000 feet on a deserted Colorado mountain. Thompson said, “You gotta love them. They come down here, drink our beer, catch a ballgame and spend their money.”

  3. It is Suzuki’s new line of ATV hood ornaments. The goggles are optional…They allow you to ‘accessorize’ your ATV if you are wanting the sporty ATV (with the goggles) or the more relaxed look for sight seeing (without the goggles). Chicks dig the goggles, though!

  4. Notice the suitcase they seem to have popped out of? Is this a professional ventriloquist trying out the outdoor audience?

  5. Starsky and Hutch with driver Arnie!!
    When I rode my ‘nifty fifty’ the bugs where terrible in the eyes especially at night when my sunglasses couldn’t be worn, and even more especially downhill !!

  6. Dog 1 “Come on Dad!!! Hurry up!!!”
    Dog 2 “Scoot over, I can’t see…hey, who’s that funny looking guy coming up through the woods?”
    Dog 1 “I think it’s that comedian…what was his name? Oh yeah, Ken Davis!!!” 🙂