The good part is yet to come!

Today was a tough day.  I lost my drivers license at the airport.  Didn’t realize it until I had cleared security.  I went back out to look for it and found it lying beneath the “check in kiosk.”  I discovered that if one goes through security twice one evidently becomes a national security risk. After much grumbling and lack of gratitude, (Helllooo! I did FIND my license!) I settled into my seat on the plane and read the following story.

After 50 years of service in Africa a weary missionary couple descended the gangplank of their boat.   Their disembarking was delayed by a throng of press and well-wishers welcoming president Theodore Roosevelt back from his most recent safari.  As they made their way through the crowd the husband expressed to his wife how discouraged he was.  After 50 years of service to God, after losing two children to jungle diseases, there was not a single person to welcome them home. His wife suggested that he talk to God about this during his bedtime prayers.  In their cheap little hotel room the exhausted wife fell asleep almost immediately.  She awoke in the morning to find her husband smiling and whistling softly as he prepared for the day.  “Boy,” she said, “you have certainly lightened up.  Did you tell God about your disappointment?”  “Yes I did,” he answered.  “I told him how sad and angry it made me that after all the years of service and sacrifice we had no one to welcome us home.” “Well,” his wife asked. “What did God say to you.”  With a smile her husband answered.  God said, “You’re not home yet.”

What a jolt of encouragement! What a kick in the backside! What motivation for me to stop moaning and live life with Gusto.  So I was inconvenienced a little.  Big Deal!  Today was really a good day! There’s a lot of good stuff we will miss if we spend our time whining.  So let’s stop whining and remember the really good stuff will be waiting for us when we finally get home.  Until then, lighten up and live.