Out of the Mouths of Babes. What is Hell?

Out of the Mouths of Babes: What is Hell?

Out of the Mouths of Babes.  What is Hell?

The Theologians

This is a true short story well worth the read! Put down any hot coffee and don’t operate heavy machinery while reading this. Hope this brings a smile to your face!

As my son in law drove his two little boys, Preston and Bailey, to swimming lessons the conversation suddenly swerved. Daddy what is hell?

Now, Scott is not the kind of person who uses hell to try to scare people into heaven, but he does believe in hell as it is described in the Bible, so he embarked on the delicate and little traveled road of trying to explain the concept to his boys.

“Yes there is a hell, and the Bible says that it’s a place of fire and suffering.”
Silence, followed by a question from Preston.

“Will the fire kill you?”

Another detour, this one down the narrow path of understanding flesh and spirit. judgement and mercy. Scott took a deep breath and pushed on.

“Even though we die, our spirit lives forever.”

He carefully steered the boys through the tough theology of heaven and hell and responded to their thoughtful questions about the fire and suffering.

There was another period of silence and Scott felt sure the boys were contemplating their simple grasp of how their spirit would live forever and because of their faith in Christ they would spend eternity in heaven and never have to experience the fires of hell.

Suddenly they were back on the real freeway of life. The boys were fighting over a piece of paper. Scott reached back and snatched the paper from them. Preston responded immediately,

“You almost gave me a paper cut……………………….. That would hurt like hell!” Evidently they understood the concept!

Scott drove off the road. When I heard the story so did I.

What have you heard from the mouths of babes?