7 Pre New Year Resolutions to keep You Healthy & Fit over the Holidays

7 Pre New Year Resolutions to keep You Healthy and Fit over the Holidays

7 Pre New Year Resolutions to keep You Healthy & Fit over the HolidaysThis is an important time of year for those of you who do not want to lose the important health gains you have made this summer.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are filled with unfair temptations that don’t exist the rest of the year.

Piles of food + friends and family eating those piles of food in front of you + delicious smells wafting though the house often lead to extra pounds of unwanted weight. So here are 7 pre-New Year resolutions you can act on to keep healthy and fit over the Holidays.

1. Re-gift those unhealthy packages of cookies and candy that come to your door. Take them to the homeless. Give them to the neighbor.  Tis better to give than to receive. Tis also better to tempt someone else than to allow thyself to be tempted.

2. Keep the large fruit cakes. They make great door stops.

3. Clear the house of all unhealthy snack foods. There is something about having friends and relatives over that causes grazing. There’s something about fall football games that causes the human mouth to vacuum potato chips. Replace junk food with healthy alternatives like fruit and nuts and veggie trays with good-tasting dips.

4. At big dinners control portion size and choices. Always remember that a ton of a little bit of everything is still a ton. Choose your favorites in reasonable portions and quit when you are done.

5. If there is a special pie or dessert that you like take a tiny portion and savor it. Look at it for long periods of time before you bite it. Chew each bite until your jaw hurts then spit the thing out and let someone else swallow it. Birds do this all the time. I have never seen a fat bird. Ewwww!

6. Seriously, the holidays will be so much more enjoyable if you experience the power of self control. You will feel better about yourself, you will experience energy and mental acuity and you won’t have to buy new clothes.

7. If you experience extreme temptation, think about the bird illustration and that should curb your appetite.

There are more tips, but I am hungry. I am going to chow down a carrot.

[reminder] How do you handle the holiday temptations? [/reminder]