Not So Fast

shutterstock_192897098We live in a fast culture. We demand fast service, fast computers and fast food. Fast food, by the way, isn’t fast. It just lies there under that heat lamp waiting for slow people to pick it up. Calling it fast evidently makes us feel better. Eating it doesn’t. Imagine how healthy we could be if we ate real fast food.

Cheetahs are some of the fastest and healthiest animals on earth that eat REAL fast food. Ever watch one of those shows on television where the cheetah is chasing down a gazelle? That’s fast food. Chasing fast food is all they need to stay healthy. Cheetahs don’t have to jog. You never see cheetahs running along the road wearing headbands and sweats.

If you really want to stay healthy forget about lifting weights and jogging, simply strap your next cheeseburger to the backside of a gazelle and go for it. If a cheetah shows up you will likely get even more exercise.

In this fast society we even ask for food “to go.” Isn’t all food “to go.” No one ever stands at the cash register and eats food off the counter. We get “fast” food “to go” then drive around trying to keep the car on the road while digging french fries out of the bottom of a paper bag. None of this burns a lot of calories and all of this is about as dangerous as texting while driving.

It’s not healthy to try and eat on the run. Animals don’t do that either. You never see a cheetah running with it’s mouth full saying, “I got a meeting. No time for lunch!” You’ll never see a Cheetah run into a tree while trying to squeeze ketchup onto a bunny.

So what’s your point Ken?

I think we are living too fast! I have successful friends that work so fast I never see them. While a dear friend patiently struggles with a life threatening disease, I go ballistic because a webpage takes 10 seconds to download. What’s wrong with that picture?

NOT SO FAST! I am purposely slowing down and already I am being rewarded. My 9 year old grandson beat me in a loooonnng game of chess yesterday. Slow was worth it! The work I am doing on a new book is more satisfying and precise because I have refused to do it fast. My heart beats with a slower and happier rhythm these days. Maybe, I can convince a friend to enjoy a leisurely lunch.

By the way, my favorite meals are those shared with unhurried friends with whom I can talk and laugh over slow food. My favorite restaurants are the ones where you hear the words “take your time.”

In this culture almost no one stops to smell the roses and even fewer slow down enough to see them. I can see the finish line from where I stand, and pray I don’t miss any of the scenery on the way. What do you think of these thoughts?

The race of life is not one of speed, it is one of endurance. 
The race of life is not a race to be won, it is a race to be savored.
Fast isn’t always good! My mom told me to beware of fast women.

There’s one exception. I’d like to be able to run faster than the speed of sound so I wouldn’t hear my knees creak.

Let me hear your thoughts! [reminder]