Mossy Butts

Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Author: Hunter S. Thompson

After opening the service in our small college chapel with the usual formalities, our guest speaker, an old man with a weathered face stepped to the podium. He wasn’t smiling as he began. “Most of us,” he said, “have moss growing on our butts.”

There was a collective, gasp from the conservative faculty and student body. I am certain the word “butt” had never been uttered within the walls of that little chapel. One of the deans rose halfway from his metal folding chair—then sat back down.

The speaker continued. “The moss grows and spreads to the benches where we sit because we never take action. We end up sitting in the same spot for years, asking God for some kind of sign.  “If you want me to do something Lord, open a door and I will respond.’

“Over the years,” the man continued, “the moss grows thicker as we wait for the door to open.” The dean was standing now.  I’m sure he was wondering how to end all this mossy butts talk.  But, the old man wasn’t trying to be gratuitous—he was making a powerful point.

Then we saw a mischievous twinkle appear in his eyes. “My life,” he continued, “has been filled with excitement and adventure. My life has been like a whirlwind ride in a powerful speed boat.” Now his eyes danced with fire. “I’ve trusted that all along that I was born to serve. I’ve used common sense faith in Scripture and prayer as preparation and I’ve never slowed down. I’ve driven my speedboat at full throttle, testing every opportunity crying out as I raced along, “Lord, If you don’t want me in there, you better shut the door!”

The old man flashed a full beaming smile as he turned his back to us and exclaimed, “Look—there’s no moss growing on my butt!”

I’m sure there were some people who thought this man was crude. Some may have dismissed his choice of illustration as the inappropriate ramblings of a senile mind. But he caught my imagination that day.

His mind was not senile. He hadn’t lost his bearings, but he described people who have done so. This elderly missionary convinced me the call is already in place. The next step of faith is to MOVE!!!  I just might have those words engraved on my tombstone.

Ken Davis

Lived Moss Free

Died Going Full Speed Ahead

When is the last time you did a moss check?

When is the last time you stepped out your comfort zone?