Two Gifts that Keep On Giving

You will not believe this amazingly talented eleven year old boy playing a medley of Christmas songs on the guitar.

I know! Its not Christmas! You still have to see this to believe it.

The development of this boy’s talent was only possible because of two gifts he received. You have the power to give the same two gifts to a child, to someone in your family or even to someone on your team. It will change their life. So, what are these gifts? Watch the entire clip and then read on…

Gift #1 – The Gift of Encouragement

Amidst the random rubble that is part of a child’s life, someone saw a nugget of gold. They saw unusual musical potential.  They mined that gold by encouraging him to explore that potential with practice, experimentation and performance.  Without that encouragement no one would have ever been blessed by the performance you just witnessed. Without that encouragement this boy would have never experienced the joy of developing and using his gift.

Gift #2 -The Gift of Equipping

An 11 year old boy does not have the financial capacity to buy the kind of guitar this child is playing.  Someone – some saint – equipped him with what he needed to develop his skills. Without that guitar there is only a frustrated little boy wanting to express the gift given to him by God.

Over 50 years ago my English teacher, Francis Peterson, watched as I threw arrogant dirt in her direction. Rather than expelling me, she encouraged me to develop as a communicator and use my humor and wit for good.

Mrs. Peterson enabled me to develop my skills by giving me roles in high school plays and enrolling me in speech contests. I owe my entire career to that encouragement and equipping.

Look around you. In the rubble of reality search for the glint of gold in someone. Without hesitation encourage them, help equip them. Your actions may be the gift that unlocks God given potential for the world to see.

Has anyone changed your life with these gifts? [reminder]

P.S. This boy plays in the style of the late Chet Atkins. Chet Atkins was my hero and I also played guitar. I also received the gift of encouragement and equipment. The only difference between this boy and me was that he has talent!