“Blend In!” Are You Kidding Me?

0829 Don't blend inOn a recent television show this question was asked of a social “expert” We have just moved into a new community, how can we make a good impression on our neighbors?

The expert answered

The most important thing is not to be different. People weird out when they meet people who are different. ‘Blend in’ he said, ‘be just like everybody else.’

I almost threw my coffee cup at the television.

Forgive the rant, but I don’t want to blend in! I want to be different…..

  • weird
  • talkative
  • stubborn
  • fun to be around
  • full of surprises
  • adventurous
  • caring
  • steadfast in my beliefs
  • that Christian guy
  • questioning
  • loyal
  • committed

I’ve got the weird, stubborn part down and I am working on the rest. Every one of us are unique creatures created in the image of God. If we were created unique, shouldn’t we be unique?

None of my friends are people who “blend in.” They are outspoken about their faith. Some are outspoken about their opposition to faith. All of them are outspoken about their passions.

They stand out!

Both the television and my coffee cup remained intact, but my spirit is still steaming. Help me here.

[reminder]Do you think we should blend in? OR Should we should we be people who cause others to ask, “What in heavens name has gotten into you?[/reminder]

P.S. Pray for my television.