How Does a Disorganized Person Get Organized?

I am one of the most organized, disorganized people on the planet.  I call it OD! Organized Disorganization. On top of that I have a healthy dose of ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Dis… Squirrel! Look at the words in that definition.

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Attention Deficit: Can’t pay attention,

Hyperactivity: But always busy doing something.

Are any of you out there like me?  Does the influx of tasks seem overwhelming? Does it take you a decade to clean clean your desk and only days for it to disappear beneath a stack of stuff again? Here’s how I am learning to survive.

  • I’ve stopped beating myself up!  

I have accepted the fact that the daydreamer in me will always be at war with the perfectionist. When the perfectionist begins cleaning the desk, the daydreamer starts reading the first book I pick up. The buzz on my phone signals a text message. I drop the book to pick up a phone covered with icons that call out to me. How many people have commented on my blog post? Is that my grandson’s picture on Instagram?

This war can only be won by a firm commitment to stick to the most important task until it is done.  I give thanks that the daydreamer in me has created 15 books, a motion picture, and a career bringing joy to millions of people.  The organized perfectionist can be used to keep the daydreamer dreaming in the right direction just long enough to get the present task done.

I’ve put the daydreamer to work!

The ability to dream, to let your mind go, is a gift. But to daydream about nothing, and never accomplish anything is a curse. I must force myself to know when the dreaming about a project is over, the doing the project must begin. My mind screams, “dream until it’s perfect!!” Reality counters, “Get it started and make it better as you go.”

I’ve let the organized me schedule time to be the disorganized dreamer.

If I truly believe that God has given me this somewhat disheveled mind, then I must organize time to use it. I must set aside time to dream about goals, be interrupted by squirrels, flowers, icons or even the voice of God.

I am surrounded by precise friends. People who plan, organize, execute and succeed. They have pristine desks; A place for everything and everything in it’s place. I can learn from them, but I will never be like them. The organized perfectionist in me will always be dragging the disorganized dreamer back to the task at hand.

I will continue to believe that my job is to ask God to help me be all I was created to be. I will not give up trying to make peace between the organized perfectionist and the disorganized dreamer. They are both important parts of who I am.

Am I the only Organized – Disorganized person out here?

What do you do to to get organized? [reminder]